Feasibility Studies


Market surveys
Airport planning
Project evaluation

Leveraging social overhead capital

1. Existing facilities
When changing travel patterns necessitate facility modifications, careful planning is required to ensure that the level of services matches the evolving needs at the airport and that the operations are appropriate for the expanding or decreasing footprint.
2. New facilities
Planning is required when building a new airport.

Engineering Design


Basic design
Detailed design

Construction design

Blueprints and specifications are required to bring the plans to life with actual facilities.

Construction Management


Construction Supervision
Defect Liability Supervision

Construction monitoring

Monitoring is required for the construction process to ensure everything proceeds according to the blueprints and drawings, and to handle issues and problems that occur on the site.

Airport operations

While taking airport privatization into account, operation plan proposals, analysis and assessment are required on a number of levels, including the airport overall and the terminals.