Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Surveys and studies

Airport site selection

The site selection is a critical step in building an airport, and many factors must be weighed carefully to ensure the site is safe and appropriate for air traffic. JAC’s services include land surveying, soil testing and weather/climate analysis with consultation to ensure your site is a suitable location.

Runways, taxiways and aprons

Airport pavement must be able to handle enormous stress loads. JAC provides inspection and analysis services to ensure pavement is properly maintained, and if necessary proposes several measures to extend the useful life of the pavement.

Support facilities

Security systems and water resources for fighting fires are essential at any airport. JAC does inspections, consultations and various studies to ensure these vital systems are in good working order.

Roads and parking facilities

As simple as roads appear, creating an efficient traffic system is a complex undertaking. Motion studies, computer simulations and other tools give insight on how to create or improve the traffic flow to reduce wait times and congestion.

Building facilities

JAC has expert services when it comes to overall project planning and basic plans for passenger terminals and other key airport structures. Among the studies we offer are assessments of earthquake resistance and structural integrity.

Radio navigation aids

Radio navigation aids provide location, altitude and other essential aircraft information to safely guide pilots during various operations. JAC has skilled personnel ready to develop radio navigation aids. Services also include simulations and radar coverage studies.

Aerodrome ground lights

Runway and approach lighting systems, as well as other guidance lighting at the airport ensure aircraft can land, taxi and then take off safely. JAC provides consultation services to design a lighting system appropriate to your airport. We also plan electrical systems and power generation facilities to ensure the lighting and other systems have adequate power.

Airport weather facilities

A wide range of weather equipment is available to provide aircraft with information on meteorological conditions. JAC studies the airport’s needs and makes proposals for a system appropriate to the airport.


Airport site preparation

Airport development begins with the site, and preparation may require creating high soil embankments or retaining walls. JAC can design and implement the work necessary to ready a site for an airport, and even conducts earthquake safety studies.

Runway, taxiway and apron

When planning paving and pavement improvement projects for runways, taxiways and aprons, JAC incorporates structural design and earthquake-proofing.

Supporting facilities

To ensure adequate security and firefighting water resources, consider JAC’s expert design services.

Roads and parking facilities

JAC provides a range of design services for on-site roads, parking facilities and access roads, whether for a new airport, an improvement project or an expansion.

Building facilities

Expert design and planning for passenger terminals, cargo terminals, control towers, administration offices and other structures enhances the value of the structures and improves operations. Whether a new structure is needed or existing structures need renovation or expansion, JAC takes pride in the quality of their work.

Radio navigation aids, ATC equipment and weather facilities

Radio navigation aids and ATC equipment required for providing navigation guidance and aircraft control as well as computer and power systems are of utmost importance for streamlining airport operations. JAC provides design work for these critical airport elements, whether creating them for the first time, updating them or transferring locations. JAC also drafts specifications and manuals in conjunction with this work.

Aerodrome ground lighting

The selection and arrangement of lighting and power systems with the supporting computerization is crucial for smooth airport operations. When designing, upgrading or moving such systems, JAC is ready to provide the expertise required.

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