Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management

Oversight, monitoring and reporting for construction projects

The focus areas of oversight and monitoring that JAC provides for airport construction projects are:
•Cost, and
•The environment

JAC closely tracks construction projects, watching for plan deviations. When a component of the project is out of specification or is projected to deviate from the plans, JAC notifies the project owner and the contractor while taking corrective actions.

Assistance for airport operation and management

Airport administration privatization

In some jurisdictions, the control of an airport authority may be transferred to the private sector. JAC can assist during such a privatization transition by creating technical documentation, providing training in airport operations and other ways.

Airport promotion

When creating a marketing plan for an airport, JAC analyzes the local culture and needs, and takes into consideration specific requirements that the airport management has. We provide high-level support for airport management, including actual visits to government agencies and airline companies overseas with a potential for sales.

Customer satisfaction

Through surveys and other devices, feedback is solicited to find out how satisfied travelers are with airport services. After analyzing issues and possible solutions, an effective kaizen strategy is proposed.

The eco-airport concept

To create a healthier environment in an airport and its surroundings, JAC provides consulting services for the eco-airport concept, including planning, policy and goal assessment. We also provide support for education to teach people about the energy-reducing steps being taken to cut energy use and reduce global warming.

Business continuity plan

In addition to implementing disaster reduction measures, a business continuity plan (BCP) is an important way to prepare for a disaster. JAC assists in creating this important plan, which may include a tsunami evacuation plan, a reconstruction plan and other measures to make the airport more resilient against disasters.

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